FavePing connects influential and popular social individuals with followers, allowing them to monetize interaction in a safe and monitored place! FavePing is supported by a strong approvals process by real people to prevent illegal or detrimental activity. Keeping users safe with restrictions on harmful words and ability to accept and block unwanted connections.

Faves earn 13p per token, Pings pay for a package which includes an amount to be used for payment processers, Staff to monitor and approve activity and UK Business Taxes such as VAT (20%).

When a Ping messages a Fave each message is charged at a rate selected by the Fave. When Fave’s message a Ping the message is free. Pings also pay to send a photo to a Fave and to receive a photo message from the Fave – both rates are set individually by the Fave in their app.

No – you will be required to declare any income yourself to HMRC (If you are a UK resident or your your local tax authority worldwide). FavePing does not run a payroll solution for Faves at this time.

Fave Accounts are available for over 18 users to limit abuse and illegal activity. Photos are required to be approved by Visa & Mastercard to ensure there are no minors or illegal activity in them. Photos cannot contain images of anyone who is not approved to be featured on FavePing.

Within the app there is a free text box to update your description, to add pre-populated categories and banking details please login within the website.

It is advised to not over-price yourself but dependant on popularity you can charge what you like. Revealing exclusive gossip? Providing business information? You may want to increase your charge. 10 tokens means you will withdraw £1.30.

Registering is free for both types of account, you will need to register to interact with a Fave.

Please mail us right away at support@faveping.com with the Fave or Ping name, and approximate time so we can investigate and resolve this for you.

Apple Pay and All major credit/debit cards!

Email us at support@faveping.com with your email address, amount and reason why you require this and we will resolve this for you.

Not right now – this is to protect from harassment, however if you are looking for over 18 chat try www.ukglamcam.com which is fully regulated for Live Adult Chat.

Simply remove your profile picture or email support@faveping.com until you want to return

Sorry to see you go! Email us at support@faveping.com and we will do this for you.

Faveping Ltd

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